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Translation entails
more than stringing
together words

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Experience, feeling for language and intercultural competence form the true foundation of a faithful and successful translation.

For over 20 years we have been aiming to reduce the barriers between source and target language.

Irrespective of the intermediate step author and recipient should feel like they communicate directly with each other using the same language style and diction.

Range of Services

Our range of services includes certified translations of official documents, specialist texts from different areas of knowledge and industry sectors, as well as interpreting services. It covers the translation of manuals for websites and software products, editorial or proof reading services and the production of voice recordings.
All of our translators have professional qualifications and are state certified or judicially accredited.

The majority of our clients are private individuals but also include a growing number of businesses from all over Germany and its neighbouring countries. Due to our wide ranging expertise and technical specialization we are a sought-after partner for industry and public authorities.

It’s very straight forward to work with us

Icon Anfrage Übersetzung

You can send us the document to be translated as a scan, e.g. in PDF format, and tell us the required date of delivery.

Icon Angebot Übersetzung

Based on a preliminary impression of the text’s length, topic and language level you will receive a cost quotation from us, together with the earliest possible date of delivery.

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Your formal acceptance of our quotation will form the basis for a contract and we can start to work on the translation.
If you require a certified translation, you will need to send us the original document at this point.

Icon Übersetzung Versand

On the agreed date of delivery you will receive the translation in the agreed format by letter.
We will of course return the original document along with the finished product, if this is a certified translation.